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N95 Respirator Fit Test

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Respirator mask fit test

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Respirator Fit Test​ing

What is a respirator fit test?

A respirator fit test is a process conducted to assess the effectiveness of a respirator in creating a proper seal and ensuring a secure fit on an individual’s face. 

It is a critical component of respiratory protection programs, particularly in workplaces where employees are exposed to hazardous airborne contaminants.

Fit testing should be repeated periodically, as recommended by regulatory agencies or the employer’s respiratory protection program, to ensure ongoing protection and safety for individuals working in environments with respiratory hazards.

What are the types of respirator fit tests?

During a respirator fit test, an individual wears a respirator and performs specific exercises or movements to evaluate the seal and fit of the respirator. There are two types of fit tests commonly conducted:

  1. Qualitative Fit Test: This type of fit test relies on the individual’s senses to detect any leakage of the respirator. A test agent, such as a sweet or bitter solution, is introduced into the breathing zone while the individual performs various movements, such as bending over or talking. The individual indicates if they can taste or smell the test agent, which would indicate an improper fit.

  2. Quantitative Fit Test: In this type of fit test, specialized equipment measures the amount of leakage around the respirator’s facepiece. This is done by using particle counting devices or by assessing the inward leakage of ambient aerosol particles. The numerical data obtained during the test provides an objective measure of the respirator’s fit.

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