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Steel City Health & Safety provides quality occupational care through reliable, accurate DNA paternity testing.

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DNA Test

We now offer DNA Testing near you in New Brighton, PA.

DNA testing is a scientific service that examines an individual’s genetic material. It involves collecting a small sample, such as a cheek swab or saliva, and analyzing it in a specialized laboratory. Through DNA sequencing, experts can extract valuable information about ancestry, health risks, and genetic traits. The results are then interpreted by professionals, providing insights into an individual’s genetic makeup and helping them make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

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DNA Testing can be used for purposes such as:

  • Paternity Tests
  • Maternity Tests
  • Immigration & Surrogacy Tests
  • Twin Tests
  • Single Party Tests
  • Adoption Tests
Drug and Alcohol Testing

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DNA Testing Near Me

We provide accurate DNA testing near you in New Brighton, PA.

Genetic testing reveals

  • Ancestral origins
  • Assesses health predispositions
  • Aids in decision making
  • Identifies inherited diseases
  • Validates biological relationships
  • Assists with treatment plans
  • Connects individuals with relatives
  • Facilitates genetic genealogy and forensic investigations.

What does a DNA test entail?

  1. Sample collection: A small sample (like a swab or saliva) is collected from the person.
  2. DNA extraction: The DNA is separated from the sample in a lab.
  3. DNA analysis: The DNA is studied to look for specific markers or variations.
  4. Results: A report is generated with information about ancestry, health risks, or other genetic traits.

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DNA Paternity Testing

In order to ensure that your DNA test results will be admissible for legal purposes, it is crucial that the test is conducted properly and at an accredited laboratory. The collection of the sample must be tracked and monitored to ensure a fair and accurate result. This is particularly important for court cases pertaining to immigration, child support, or adoption. By carrying out DNA testing in a rigorous and professional manner, we can guarantee that the results will be reliable and accepted by the relevant authorities. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information or wish to schedule an appointment.

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